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Our name has changed from Large Chicken Coops to Rita Marie’s Chicken Coops, but our Amish-built chicken coops are still the highest quality, well-made coops you’ll find anywhere.

We have renamed our business to tell the story of who we are and what we stand for: a family-owned business that carries only the best walk-in chicken coops with timeless style, in order to help our fantastic customers raise healthy, happy birds.

Quaker Chicken Coops

Quaker chicken coops are by far the most popular style, and for good reason. The asymmetrical roof is incredibly practical for extra head room.

Dutch Chicken Coops

Dutch chicken coops are classic, cute and practical. The iconic roofline and huge interior space make these large chicken coops easy to use daily and clean regularly.

A-Frame Chicken Coop

A-frame chicken coops are a great way to beautify your yard by matching the house and barn. We have lots of paint, stain, shingle and metal roof options.

Lean-To Chicken Coop

Lean-to chicken coops are an easy way to keep chickens next to the house or barn without taking up too much yard space. They are a great urban coop as well.

Chicken Coop and Run

Coop-and-run combos are the most effective way to let your birds live happily inside and out while staying protected from predators as well as extreme weather.

Chicken Coop Shed

Coop sheds are a great way to get the most out of your structure. If you don’t need a full-size shed or barn, you can enjoy some extra storage next to the coop.

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At Rita Marie’s, we are proud of our industry-leading customer service. We have been in business for years and have never had a single return. We guarantee customer satisfaction and we stand behind each and every large chicken coop.

large chicken coops

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Rita Marie’s Philosophy

All American-Made

We believe in USA-made for many reasons. This is why our chicken coops are built here with the best materials, supporting the American economy throughout our entire supply chain.

Beautiful Backyards

Part of our mission is to “make America’s backyards beautiful.” This is why we provide classic large chicken coop designs as well as timeless paint, stain and roof colors.

Healthy, Happy Chickens

We know that happy, stress-free chickens live long and live well. This is why we offer lots of predator-proof chicken coop options as well as insulation for weather protection.

Amish Craftsmanship

Our walk-in chicken coops are Amish built in a small community in Pennsylvania. The carpenters are skilled and swift, and do business the right way. We are proud to support them.

Practical Designs

Our coop designs have been tested and proven by hundreds of happy customers, who appreciate every detail – from extra head room, to door latches inside and out, easy clean-outs and external nesting box lids for quick egg gathering.

Made to Order

Each and every pre-built chicken coop isn’t made until you order it. This way you can choose your own personal design, features, paint or stain colors, trim and roof materials.

Built to Last

We use materials that have been proven to last, even through harsh winters year after year. All of our pre-built chicken coops are over-engineered and over-built.

Heritage Style

Our coop designs are timeless for a reason, because timeless never goes out of style! A beautiful new large chicken coop adds value and curb appeal to your property.

Hands-Off Process

The only part of the process you need to concern yourself with is the order. Once you decide what you want and pick the details, relax – we’ll take it from there!

Empowering Independence

Know where your food comes from, and what goes into it. We are proud to be advancing a movement to empower Americans with freedom of choice when it comes to our food.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does shipping cost for a walk-in chicken coop?

Shipping varies from coop to coop depending on the chicken coop size as well as your location. For a real-time quote, simply add the coop you want to the “shopping bag” and proceed to checkout. There you will see an accurate shipping quote. Keep in mind we only ship to the lower 48 United States.

What is the Coop Concierge?

The Coop Concierge is an automatic chicken door with a timer that opens at sunrise and closes at sunset based on your location.

What are the paint and stain options for the large chicken coops?

Pre-built coops are available in either painted Duratemp siding or stained pressure-treated wood siding. It’s your choice!

How long will it take to get my coop?

Our pre-built chicken coops take 3 to 6 weeks from your order to delivery, depending on how fast the shipping slots fill up and where you are located.

Coop kits are delivered in 2 weeks or less.

How big does a chicken coop need to be?

Healthy chickens require 1.5 to 2 square feet per bird in the hen house. For instance, a chicken coop for 10 chickens should be 15 to 20 square feet, so a 4×4 or 4×6 coop would work well.

Do I have to put my coop together?

All of our large chicken coops are made-to-order, pre-built and arrive fully assembled unless it’s in the Coop Kit category. If it’s a Coop Kit, then yes you will need to put the coop together, and you will need basic tools and skills. All parts and instructions are included.