four different chicken coops and runs next to each other in a field of green grass

Chicken Coops And Runs

At Rita Marie’s, we build our chicken coops and runs to last. Not only will you find both classic building profiles and modern styling, these coops and runs are absolutely made to last.

Our chicken coops and runs are a combination made in heaven, with all of the protection your flock needs paired with the convenience that you want – all under one roof!

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Happy People & Healthy Birds

At Rita Marie’s chicken coops, we stand behind each and every walk-in chicken coop that we build.

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Rita Marie’s Philosophy

All American-Made

In an age of corporate globalization, we are an American-made small business. From timber grown in the states to paint and stain made right in the American Heartland, and a finished product built by Amish craftsman, we are American through and through.

Beautiful Backyards

Our mission is to “make America’s backyards beautiful.” We accomplish this by providing classic building styles in a myriad of color options for you to design the perfect coop for your yard.

Healthy, Happy Chickens

Happy chickens, happy owners, happy us! Stress-free chickens live better, longer, healthier lives (and produce more eggs!). Get predator-proof and weather-resistant options on every combo coop.

Made to Order

We don’t build your coop until you order it. Every chicken coop and run is built-to-order exactly how you want it. Choose your siding style, colors and roof – exactly what you want it to be!

Built to Last

You won’t find any flimsy coops here. We build our coops and runs with housing materials: full size 2×4 studs, roof sheathing, subfloor material, 30-year shingles and hardy siding.

Heritage Style

Classic never goes out of style! From timeless looks to modern-inspired styling, we have a coop for everyone’s taste. Match your other structures or want a head-turning new coop. Get a new chicken coop and run combo today!

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