Coop Upgrades and Add-Ons

All of the features listed below are available as upgrades and add-ons for all Amish-built IHS brand coops.

Electrical Package

This includes a light bulb fixture, outlet and switch ready to be tied into an electrical line or extension cord.

Clean Out Lid

One of our most popular upgrades, this is a hatch in the wall for easy removal of litter and bedding.

Auto Door

Using the electrical package or solar power option, it automatically opens at sunrise and closes at sunset.

Glass Board Floor

A protective layer of rigid fiberglass is installed over top of the standard LP floor material.

Epoxy Floor

Hard-cured coating on the standard floor for a waterproof, durable and long-lasting finish.

Insulated Ceiling

Rigid panel insulation is an upgrade for shingled roofs, and standard on metal roofs.

Wire Over Windows

For the best protection against predators such as raccoons, this upgrade is an inexpensive must-have.

Heated Roost

Requiring the electrical package, this is a built roosting bar with a 5 watt heating element inside.

Feeder and Drinker

These are typical devices you would find at a feed store, offered as a convenience to our customers.

Metal Roof Colors

If you are looking for the timeless look of a durable metal roof, we have several color options to choose from.

metal roof colors white red green slate and black

Yard Placement

Standard delivery is “curbside” meaning the flatbed unloads wherever they can. If you would like the coop placed on a specific spot on your property, choose Yard Placement, and the driver will use a motorized shed mover to place it where you’d like.

Watch this video to see the entire process:

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