chicken coop colors

Chicken Coop Colors

When designing how your new chicken coop will look, you have a lot of options to work with at Rita Marie’s Chicken Coops. From paint to stain, shingles to metal roof, trim color and even contrasting painted doors, the options are nearly endless. Here are your color options for the different brands of walk-in chicken coops that we build.

Paint Color Options For Chicken Coops

If you would like your IHS coop painted, then you can choose your main color and trim color from the selection below. These colors are all available for manufactured DuraTemp Siding, and all colors are also available as a trim color for Board & Batten wood siding.

What is a good color to paint a chicken coop?

Red has been a long-time favorite chicken coop color, as it is thought to be attractive to hens. Natural colors like Light Gray, Beige and different shades of Brown are also good color options for a chicken coop, as they hide dirt and dust that is inevitable.

What are the most popular color combinations for a chicken coop?

In the past few years, White with Black Trim has been a popular color combination. Dark Gray or Light Gray with White trim has also been popular, paired with a White, Black or Gray roof. Red with White trim is still as popular as ever, too.

Board and Batten Chicken Coop Stain Color Options

If you would like your chicken coop to have wood siding, then choose Board & Batten siding. The pine wood creates a warm, natural and classic look. The stain we use is a plant-based, Amish-made, durable and natural product. These are all of the stain color options we offer.

Chicken Coop Roof Shingle Color Options

We build our IHS brand chicken coops with long-lasting housing materials, including these color options for the 30-year asphalt roof shingles.

Chicken Coop Metal Roof Colors

If you are looking for the timeless look of a durable metal roof, we have several color options to choose from. A metal roof is a standard feature on Classic and Lone Star brand coops, and it’s an upgrade option on IHS brand coops.

metal roof colors white red green slate and black

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