how to buy a walk in chicken coop

How to buy a walk in chicken coop

Are you curious about how to buy a walk in chicken coop?

The process is simple – you can have a custom-built coop in 5 simple steps!

step 1

Size &

Browse our catalog of chicken coop styles, or shop by flock size. Find the best size and design for your yard.

step 2

& Options

From paint to stain, siding, roofing, windows and accessories, design your beautiful new custom chicken coop.

step 3


Go through our quick and easy online checkout process, and get an accurate shipping quote for your coop.

step 4

We Build
the Coop

Your coop is then built to order just for you. All of our coops are built in the USA, and turnaround times vary seasonally.

step 5

It is

After your pre-built coop is ready, then it is put on a truck with a few others and it hits the road.

Step One

Select Your Coop Size & Style

The first step to getting your beautiful new walk-in coop is to select the size and style that is the best fit and design for your yard and daily use.

Shop Coops by Flock Size

A lot of our customers prefer to shop by flock size, since they know how many birds they have (or want to have).

Shop Coops by Style

If you know what style you would like to have, then you can start there and then choose the best size for your flock.

Shop Coops by Flock Size

A lot of our customers prefer to shop by flock size, since they know how many birds they have (or want to have).

Select Your Coop’s Features & Options

If you’re looking for a custom chicken coop, this is the fun part! This is the part of the process that you get to design the coop to your taste and preference. From the aesthetics such as paint, stain and roof colors, to functional features like clean-outs and extra windows, you can customize to your heart’s delight. You can even add convenient accessories such as feeders, drinkers and automatic doors.

step three

Go Through Checkout

When you have selected your coop and all of it’s features and options, it’s time to check out. You start with the big blue “Add to Bag” button:

add to bag

We have made it a quick and easy process that is the same as buying anything else online. Once you enter your information, then you will receive an exact shipping quote based on your location. When you finish the checkout process, you’re done!

Your Coop is Built

When you complete checkout, then your order is placed and we get to work. Your coop will be built to your unique order by expert carpenters who build coops all day, every day. All of our coops are built in the USA, and we have builders all over the country.

Turnaround times vary depending on make and model of coop, as well as time of year. Other factors that influence turnaround time are suppliers such as lumber and roofing materials.

step five

Your Coop is Delivered

When your beautiful new coop is built, then it’s put on a truck for delivery with several others. When the truck has a full load, it hits the road. Because these are custom chicken coops made to your order, delivery times can vary. It can be a few days or a few weeks from when it’s built, depending on where it goes on the truck, where in the US it was built and where you’re located.

A popular shipping feature is “Yard Placement” in which the driver will put the coop anywhere on your property he can get to. Check out the video below that shows the entire chicken coop delivery process.

Get Started

Ready for the yard of your dreams? Get started by selecting your favorite chicken coop style below!

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