chicken coop shipping


Chicken coop shipping is a very specialized procedure, and thankfully we have very talented drivers who will get your coop to you safe and sound. Since most of our coops are pre-built (except coop kits), they are shipped on a flatbed. The driver then unloads your coop, and if you selected “Yard Placement”, he uses the motorized building mover to place the coop on your property.


You can get a live, real-time shipping quote by adding the coop you’re interested in to the “Shopping Bag” and proceed to checkout. You will see the total cost, along with tax and shipping.

  1. Order your new chicken coop
  2. Your chicken coop is built
  3. Shipping company contacts you when it’s leaving
  4. Driver coordinates delivery date and time directly with you
  5. You just have to be present to show them where it goes!

For chicken coop kits and shed kits, you may need to have another helping hand present to help you unload it. They arrive packed in a large freight box or wrapped on a palette. Sometimes the driver may have a lift gate for easy unloading, but we do ask that you be prepared to have to unpack it piece by piece upon arrival, in which case you’ll need another set of hands.

Chicken coop delivery companies have different techniques for coop delivery, but this video gives a real example of what the “Yard Placement” service of a walk-in chicken coop delivery looks like. Yard placement does incur an additional cost, so keep that in mind when selecting options for your large chicken coop.

Ready for the chicken coop your dreams?

To get started, start shopping for the perfect size and style of chicken coop. Then select your features and options, and check out. It’s that easy!

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