Standard Coop Features

All of the features listed below are available as standard features for all Amish-built IHS brand coops at no extra charge.

Nesting Boxes

Every coop includes several 12″ nesting boxes with easy access.


All models are built with a vent lid higher up on the back wall, that can be left open or closed.

Roosting Bars

All coops have at least one bar, and the length and number of bars varies with coop size.


Our standard sash windows slide open vertically for light and excellent breeze ventilation.

Legs & Runners

Any part of IHS coops that contact the ground are built with pressure-treated pine wood to ensure weather durability.

Chicken Door

Our chicken doors are built to last, and feature gate latches to keep them open or closed.

Color Options

Paint Colors

If you would like your IHS coop painted, then you can choose your main color and trim color from the selection below. These colors are all available for manufactured DuraTemp Siding, and all colors are also available as a trim color for Board & Batten wood siding.

Stain Colors

If you would like your IHS coop to have wood siding, then choose Board & Batten siding. The pine wood creates a warm, natural and classic look. The stain we use is a plant-based, Amish-made, durable and natural product. These are all of the stain color options we offer.

Shingle Colors

We build our coops with long-lasting housing materials, including these color options for the 30-year asphalt roof shingles.

Ready for the yard of your dreams?

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