chicken coop for 6 chickens

Chicken Coop for 6 Chickens

The perfect chicken coop for 6 chickens will have at least 6 feet of roosting space, and 2 to 3 nesting boxes.

Depending on your philosophy about how much run space you need per each bird, along with the size of breed that you have, you may want 20 to upwards of 60 square feet of yard or run space for a flock of 6 chickens in addition to the chicken coop.

If you’re looking for a chicken coop for 6 chickens, we have a beautiful selection. Our chicken coops are Amish-built and made to last. These coops are a classic addition to your backyard.

Rita Marie’s Chicken Coops is a family-owned business that carries only the best coops in the country. It’s our mission to help you raise a flock of healthy, happy chickens.

Happy People & Healthy Birds

At Rita Marie’s, we guarantee customer satisfaction and we stand behind each and every chicken coop we carry.

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Rita Marie’s Philosophy

All American-Made

We are proud to provide only 100% USA-made chicken coops. You can shop with peace of mind, knowing that you’re supporting the American economy throughout our supply chain.

Beautiful Backyards

Part of our mission is to “make America’s backyards beautiful.” This is why we provide classic large chicken coop designs as well as timeless paint, stain and roof colors.

Healthy, Happy Chickens

We know that happy, stress-free chickens live long and live well. This is why we offer lots of predator-proof chicken coop options as well as insulation from the weather.

Made to Order

Each and every pre-built chicken coop isn’t made until you order it. You can choose your own personal design, features, paint or stain colors, trim and roof materials.

Built to Last

We use materials that have been proven to last, even through harsh winters year after year. All of our pre-built chicken coops are over-engineered and over-built.

Heritage Style

Timeless never goes out of style. The coops we have to offer are beautifully made and well crafted by expert carpenters, adding curb appeal and real value to your property.


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