chicken coop plans for 30 chickens

Chicken Coop Plans for 30 Chickens

If you are looking for the perfect Chicken Coop Plans PDF for a flock of 30 chickens, then look no further!

A chicken coop for 30 chickens needs to be around 90-120 square feet. Our high quality plans are detailed, and include renderings, cut sheets, a pick list for buying materials, and step-by-step instructions for building the 30-chicken sized coop of your dreams.

We carry several sizes and styles depending on what your vision is for your backyard chicken raising project, or your chicken coop design style and taste. 

How To Buy Chicken Coop Plans For 30 Chickens

We have easy-to-use chicken coop plans for DIY chicken coops for 30 chickens so that you can build the coop of your dreams!

How many square feet do you need for 30 chickens?

You need 90-120 square feet of coop, and 150-300 square feet of run space for 30 chickens. There are several schools of thought when it comes to how much coop square footage you need per bird, and there are many variables that go into that answer. What’s your weather like? How big of a breed are your birds? Do they free range? Many agree that around 3-4 square feet per bird in the coop is adequate for most breeds in most climates, which means that you would need roughly 90-120 square feet of coop space for 30 chickens. Run space is also debated, but is generally agreed upon that anywhere from 5 to 10 square feet per bird is plenty. This means that you would need anywhere from 150 to 300 square feet of run space for 30 chickens.

How big of a coop do I need for 30 chickens?

You need an 8’x12′ to 10’x12′ sized coop for 30 chickens. Since you need anywhere from 90 to 120 square feet per bird in the hen house, that means that an 8’x12′ coop would work on the small end, and upwards of 10’x12′ would be best on the higher end for a flock of 30 chickens. If you’re building a permanent structure, you might consider over-sizing your flock to allow room to grow into it if you end up really liking chickens.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a chicken coop?

It is cheaper to build a chicken coop than it is to buy it. Unlike some manufactured commodity products, chicken coops are considerably more expensive when bought pre-built than to make them yourself. The reason is due to the high cost of labor that goes into building a chicken coop, as well as high shipping costs. Material costs are the same either way. Whether looking to buy or build a chicken coop, we are here for you. We provide pre-built coops that are ready to use on delivery day, and we also offer premium chicken coop plans that are easy-to-use for the handy DIYer. Save money and build your chicken coop for 30 chickens yourself! You’ll be proud of your work for years to come, and your birds will enjoy your labor of love every single day.

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