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IHS Quaker 6x12 Combo Coop

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Brand: IHS

Affordable and accessible: The 6x12 Quaker Combo Coop.

For flocks of a dozen or less, the 6x12 Quaker Combo Coop brings the right features at the right price.

Check out paint colors, trim colors, stains, shingles, and metal roof color options on our Chicken Coop Colors page.

Standard Features Include:

Paint or oil based stained

Keyed entry door

Chicken door & Ramp

Nesting boxes & roosting bars

Vent Lid

Windows w/screens

30 yr architectural asphalt shingles, aluminum drip edge

L.p Flooring

P.t legs & runners

L.p tech shield roof sheathing ( keeps coop cooler in warm months)

6x12 Combo

6x6 run area

6x6 coop area

103" high

6 nesting boxes

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