IHS Quaker 7x24 Combo Coop


IHS Quaker 7x24 Combo Coop CC-IHS-Q724C
This beautiful Quaker style chicken coop features a walk-in hen house with a huge built-on chicken run all under one roof. This combo is a great way to let your birds inside and outside with assurance of safety from predators. It's Amish-made with the highest quality building materials here in the USA!
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Add-Ons Electrical Package (195) Advanced Auto Door / Electric (250) Solar Package for Auto Door (125) Extra Vent Lid (65) Extra Window (60) Wire Over Windows (50) Wire on Bottom of Run (300) Upgrade to 1/2" x 1/2" Wire (280) Insulated Ceiling (75) Clean Out Lid (85) Heated Roost (100) 11 Lb Feeder (30) 3 Gallon Drinker (30) Glass Board Floor (210) Epoxy Floor (180) Wheel Kit (1750) Expand Hen House to add 7' x 8' Storage Room w/ Door & 2 Windows (1250) Expand Hen House to 7' x 12' (350)
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IHS Quaker 7x24 Combo Coop