IHS Quaker 7x28 Combo Coop


IHS Quaker 7x28 Combo Coop CC-IHS-Q728C
This beautiful Quaker style chicken coop features a huge built-on chicken run under a shared roof. This combo is a great way to let your birds inside and outside with assurance of safety from predators. It's Amish-made with the highest quality building materials here in the USA!
$4250 In stock
Add-Ons Electrical Package (195) Advanced Auto Door/Electric (250) Solar Package for autodoor (125) Extra Vent Lid (65) Wire Over Windows x1 (25) Extra Window (60) Insulated Ceiling (75) Clean Out Lid (85) Heated Roost (100) 11 Lb Feeder (30) 3 Gallon Drinker (30) Glass Board Floor (210) Wheel Kit (1750) 8' Storage Room with Door & 2 Windows (8x7 storage + 6x7 hen house + 6x7 covered run) (1250)
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IHS Quaker 7x28 Combo Coop