Chicken Food Basics

If you want your chickens to be healthy and provide you with a constant supply of eggs and meat, make sure that they have enough food and water throughout the day. 

How Many Times Should You Feed Your Chickens Every Day?

Chickens don’t have specific eating times. They eat all the time and should ideally go to bed full so that they can continue making more eggs.

According to poultry experts, a full-grown chickens consumes around 120g of layers pellets in a single day. It is therefore important to check your chickens feeders every day and ensure that they are topped-up every time. 

Ideally, you should have two feeders, one inside the chicken coop and another one at their outdoor run. This also helps to ensure that dominant chickens do not stop the less dominant birds from feeding.

When Should You Feed Digestive Grits?

You may have seen small stones inside of a chicken’s gizzard and wondered why chickens swallow stones. Well, it is necessary for your chickens to swallow moderate amounts of small stones which help them to digest food. 

But they don’t have teeth and they greet the swallow with their food help to grind up food inside the gizzard. You should therefore ensure that your chickens have a good supply of grit if they can’t find enough of it outside.

You can alternatively serve them with oyster shells that contain grits and provide the much-needed calcium for producing eggs with strong shells. You can include a small amount of grit in their food or serve it in a separate feeder.

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