Weekly Chicken Chores

If you have done all your daily tasks as expected you will not have much to do at the end of the week. 

Here are a few tasks to do at the end of the week:

  • Ensure that the dropping tray is not overfilled and take the droppings to your vegetable garden where they will serve as excellent manure. Keep in mind that flowers may find the manure a bit too strong, but otherwise chickens manure is great for all-purpose use.
  • You can also relocate the chicken house to a new area with more grass to avoid overusing your lawn and prevent the buildup of diseases. Tractor coops are a very useful style for mobility, equipped with wheels and wheelbarrow handles.
  • Check the health of your chickens by picking them up individually and looking for signs of injury or sickness.
  • Give the nesting boxes a thorough clean by removing hay straw or shavings inside the box.

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