Chicken Treats, Mealworms and Food Scraps

Should You Give Chickens Corn Treats?

Chickens love corn, especially when it’s scattered on the ground as a treat. They will normally flock around you at the sound of corn grains on your palm. 

However, keep in mind that corn is rich in fat and should only be fed to chickens as a treat because if you leave your chickens to grow over-weight they may not lay as many eggs as you expect to get. 

Should You Feed Your Chickens Mealworms?

You can also buy dried mealworms off the shelf as a treat for your birds. They love any sort of worm or grub, and will show you when you offer mealworms.

What About Food Scraps From Your Kitchen?

One good thing about chickens is that they eat almost anything dished out to them. They will gladly devour leftover vegetables, cereals, and fruits from your last night’s dessert, especially greens such as spinach and lettuce. 

Just remember not to give them too much or they may get overly full and ignore the more important layer’s mash feed. They only have so much capacity for food, and you want to make sure that they get balanced nutrition for maximum production.

Watering Your Chickens

Like every living creature, chickens need water too. You should therefore ensure that they have easy access to clean water at all times. Always keep their water drinker clean and give them a fresh supply of water every day. 

Keep the water under a shed in hot weather and remember to inspect the water in cold weather lest it freezes over. Provide them with two water drinking spots, one located inside the coop and another one in their outdoor run. 

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