How to Stop Flighty Chickens from Escaping

Chickens normally spread their wings to flip around and jump but not for flying. In fact, the longest distance a chickens can fly is around 300 feet for no more than 13 seconds. 

If you keep a temperamental flighty breed of chicken, it is important to take measures to ensure that the chickens does not escape from their safe area. 

You can do this by clipping their wings by following these simple steps:

  • Hold the chickens gently all stretched out one wing until all its feathers are spread out. Clip off the feathers on one wing. To ensure that the chickens does not have the necessary balance required to fly.
  • You can also remove the primary feathers which are basically the first and feathers on each of its wings.

When clipping the feathers off of the bird’s wings, be careful to avoid injuring the chickens. You should cut the wings to the point where its quills are white to avoid injury. 

The dark section in the quill shows you where blood vessels are. You will hurt your chickens if you cut the quills in areas with blood vessels. Clip your chicken’s wings when they molt. 

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