Spring 2022 Turnaround Times

We have been working hard to shorten the lead times on all chicken coops! Here is an updated list of turnaround times as of late March 2022.

Need a coop today? Ask what we have in stock!

4-6 weeks for metal built-to-order coops

If you are looking for a metal coop in any size, we can build you the perfect size, style and color. Reach out to us to get a custom quote for a Texas-built metal coop.

6-8 weeks for most IHS built-to-order coops

Amish-built walk-in chicken coops are back in action! We have been backlogged for 2 solid years, but finally able to get built-to-order coops delivered in less than 4 months.

6-8 weeks for Classic brand built-to-order coops

Classic brand coops are also built-to-order, and very high quality. If you’re on the East Coast or a day’s drive from PA, it’s a great option. They come standard with metal roof and epoxy floor, and siding is limited to stained pine.

2-3 months for all coop kits

Coop kits are still on a long turnaround time. There isn’t any wait on our chicken coop plans if you’re the handy type.