Starting A Flock From Scratch

If you are planning to raise your own chickens, the first thing you need is a total commitment to the project. The next thing you need is this complete guide to raising chickens that takes you from scratch, so to speak, to a proud owner of a flock of happy egg-laying hens, roosters, and chicks.

You are also not alone in your quest to become the next chicken-keeper. Many people today are finding it more convenient to raise and take care of their own chickens for several reasons. Many do it to have a reliable source of eggs and meat, while others rear chickens as a backyard pest control measure, or just to have “pets that pay rent”.

There are also many people out there who keep chickens for ornamental reasons or just for fun. Whatever reason you may have just know that you have made a great decision of raising your own flock of happy chickens.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that raising a flock of chickens involves some work. There are some tasks that you will definitely need to take care of on a regular basis if you want to keep your chickens happy, safe, and healthy. The good news is that taking care of chickens is not quite complicated once you have set up everything at the initial stage.

There are also many benefits of raising your own chickens in your backyard. For instance, the constant supply of eggs is a real temptation. Eggs from your own chickens taste better and fresher than the eggs you buy at the store. Shells from the eggs as well as the chickens poop help to enrich your garden’s compost pile. 

Your chickens will also spend most of the day picking grass for worms, beetles, and other small insects in your backyard. They have keen eyes for small insects, which makes them more effective as a backyard pest control solution. And of course, you already know the preparedness benefits of raising your own chickens. 

We don’t have to discuss that but we’ll instead delve into the more important lesson of raising and breeding your own chickens. We will also cover the different breeds of chickens that you can easily raise at home.

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