Fall 2021 Coop Turnaround Times

In order to keep our wonderful shoppers posted on how long our lead times are, we have updated all turnaround times.

4-6 weeks for metal pre-built coops

Lone Star brand metal coops are built-to-order in North Texas. If you want a coop soon, this is your best bet. If you are in or around Texas, this is your best coop for both shipping price and turnaround time.

7-8 months for most IHS pre-built coops

Our best-selling Amish-built walk in chicken coops are still on a really long turnaround time. We still don’t expect that to change any time soon.

12-14 weeks for Classic brand pre-built coops

Classic brand coops are also built-to-order, and match the style and quality of our Amish coops. These are the best coops for turnaround and shipping on the East Coast.

8-10 weeks for all coop kits

Our coop kits are still on a 2-month standard turnaround time plus shipping, which is much less expensive than pre-built coops. If you are handy and want to start a coop project right away, check out our newly released chicken coop plans.

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