Winter 2021 Coop Turnaround Times

In order to keep our wonderful shoppers posted on how long our lead times are, we have updated all turnaround times.

4-6 weeks for metal pre-built coops

Our fastest turnaround time is going to be on our Lone Star brand metal coops. If you’re in or around Texas, reach out to us by call, chat or email to get a custom shipping quote that will be much less than other coops.

5+ months for most IHS pre-built coops

We have seen some improvement in turnaround time for our Amish-built large chicken coops. We expect this to get long again once Spring starts to warm up.

2+ months for Classic brand pre-built coops

Classic brand coops are also built-to-order, and match the style and quality of our Amish coops. These are the best coops for turnaround and shipping on the East Coast. The main difference is that they’re limited to stained wood siding and a metal roof.

2-3 months for all coop kits

Coop kits are still on a long turnaround time. There isn’t any wait on our chicken coop plans if you’re the handy type.

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