Daily Chicken Chores

As previously mentioned, you will need to dedicate around 15 to 20 minutes of your time every morning to do your daily chicken care tasks. 

There’s so much you can accomplish within this time to ensure that your chickens remain healthy and happy throughout the day. 

Some of the key tasks you need to do every day include the following:

  • The first thing you do every morning is to open the chicken coop and let the birds out.
  • Make sure the chickens have enough food and water for the day. Pour out yesterday’s water and give them fresh water every day.
  • Give you a flock a cursory health check to ensure that they don’t have injuries or signs of sickness.
  • If you have hens that are already laying eggs collect the fresh eggs every day in the morning to avoid damage and waste.
  • Give your chickens a treat of corn scattered around when you have time in the afternoon.
  • At the end of the day make sure that you are chickens are securely locked up inside the coop. The good thing with chickens is that they will automatically get back into their housing units and roost when the daylight is over.
  • In cold weather conditions, you will need to get time to break the ice in the water and if possible, rub petroleum jelly on birds that have large combs to avoid frostbite.

Most of these daily tasks are quite simple and can be accomplished within a few minutes depending on the number of chickens you keep.